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Reconstruction of flats and buildings planning and rebuilding.

       Specialists of different qualifications do the interior repairs - customers, people without appropriate knowledge in that branch, higher-class craftsmen. We came here with a scanty foreign experience (work in Germany) and an experience from previous years since the middle of 1980s. As it is in private house building there are many parts of the process, which should be taken into account. Documentation of the project in most cases is worked out already in the stage of planning - so ideas are general and often not reflected in details. We sometimes think - it is just a small repair, I can do it! Then we start to ask ourselves: " Where am I going to work? Where are my children going to study? Where am I going to relax?" Answers are not found easily. That is also a reason for the next offers functional scheme of premises and design projects, till the necessary volume for the project realization.We can save you from the waste of time that is necessary for obtaining different agreements and permissions for execution of works.

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