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Detailed construction of the private houses.

       Diezgan dzirdēta frāze, vai ne?

If roofs are one of the building' components and their construction is offered as separate service then in this case it is a complex of services which is an offer to you for ordering building of your dwelling in full scope.

       In most cases the customers have already designed the project at the architects and then they start to look for builders. That is the time when the virtual world should be changed for reality and following concepts become topical:

       – materials offered by distributors in the building market;

       - diverse expenses of different technological layouts;

       - mutual interaction between technical layouts;

       - technical layouts that are necessary for carrying out a project;

       - ability to deposit qualitatively necessary materials.

       Working permanently in the building market and not representing a certain material importers or producers in Latvia, we have made an independent informative base about materials and deliverers and whose conditions are profitable for customers. A balance between the price and necessary quality enables to survey building costs and to tender materials - their prices are lower than in shops.

Houses for living in future.

       In the statistics of construction as one of the indicators building quantity is mentioned. On the background of supermarkets and big companies a private house or a flat seems to be very insignificant. If we look at this issue in details - each building, as well as private house, has all building components - foundation, walls, roof, windows, doors, functionally important details, water supply systems, ventilation and heating installation, stairs and many other small details which make a setting that is called building's quantity. Layouts of plannings, arranging of harmonious room, rules and norms of the construction, usage of finish and construction materials - these are knowledge which employees of "Buvers" Ltd. can offer to you - their customers. Our goal is not to follow blindly the foreign technologies but to value and choose the best for Latvia's conditions. Now it is time to define "Buvers" Ltd. main principles of working and to discuss them.

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