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Estimates and pay-outs.

       The next possibility at our company is fixing volume of financial capacity for technical layout, checking several possible variants for project realization, comparing the expenses of house carcass building in various (wooden carcass, brick or sill) technical performances . Together with expenses pecularities characteristic for selected technology should be valued (for instance, if the house is build in technology with wooden carcass and packed up with rock wool, you should thought about ventilation system).

       It is significant that besides the theoretical finance and technical analysis the technical norms and restrictions should be observed and workers should discharge properly their responsibilities. For each of technologies it is necessary to have practical skills that ensure ability to deposit qualitatively necessary materials. We pay a lot of attention to this question. Comparing the bigger construction companies and our company "Buvers" is formed by uniting craftsmen and we do most of the building works. Each of the managers has both theoretical and practical experience in building ,and supervision of works is executed having a good knowledge of the practical side of the process. Part of the works (plumbing, ventilation, decking of the asphalt cover, fixing up an electrical installation is done by drawing in subcontractors.


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