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       You have bought a house. Would you like to reconstruct or restore it? Do you want to build it starting from the foundation? You do not know how… The planning of your flat has become out-of-date. Would you like to change it? Welcome to "Buvers" Ltd. Web page! You have your standpoint about a house or a flat to live in; we have knowledge and experience how to realize it. Our specialists will listen to your ideas and will offer several variants for putting an idea into practice.

       Thinking about the name for a company we wanted to point out its professinal workings and the geographical region where this proffesional working will be carried out.

              Būv – būvet (to build)
              E –Eleja, a town in the south of Latvia
              R –Rīga.
              S –Smiltene, a town into the north of Latvia

       We build, reconstruct and restore within the whole territory of Latvia, from the north till the south, from the west till the east. A licence No.1531 of "Buvers"Ltd. was issued on 22th January, 1999. It gives rights to deal with the general execution and conduct of construction works and the general supervision of building work..

       A little about us. We are a small and new collective, average age is about 30 years. We specialize in the building of private houses, in reconstruction of already existing houses and flats and rebuilding them according to the new standards, in roof constructions and in decking the roof covering. During the last few years we have made an offer of the technical planning for the premises and interior design services. A special feature is the mosaics of tiles.

       We have had a chance to get acquainted with working experience of Germany and USA and with the technologies used in the construction of private houses.

       Working in Germany in 1993 we - for the first time - came practically into contact with an experience and technologies of Europe by executing construction works at the building objects in the surroundings of Stuttgart. We got to know concreting technologies which were not used at that time in Latvia but now they are common in the construction, with covers of ceramic and cement roofing tiles and requirements for German quality.

       Taking part in a seminar about the building of wooden carcass houses in Seattle, USA, we could compare European and American construction. Besides timber a lot of other modern materials are used - bitumin shingles, plastic cladding boards, OSB slabs. It is a quicker and cheaper construction, but not of bad quality.

       This experience has formed and influenced the style of working of "Buvers"Ltd. and approach to its work - "Bad quality is bitter long after the sweet joy of cheap price is over."

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